Tiberius Baker


About me

I am a sophomore at BYU on the path to get a Software Engineering degree. I love to code new things and try to learn stuff on my own. I was valedictorian of my high school and I am doing pretty well with my grades in my computer science classes so far. I have a wife, my high school sweetheart who I married on August 20th of 2022.

We love to go on picnics and try new foods. We also love changing up our "house". In this endeavor to change up our living space, I have learned how to put up backsplash and how to build a kithen Island

Personalize this page to what you would like. This is your chance to experiment and show off how awesome you are.

Start up project

I am making a basic chess website that will allow one to play chess by themselves or to play with someone online. It is located here

Simon project

Here is my Simon project.

Web programming assignments

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